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Lubrisyn 2 Month 32 oz

Sale price$94.95

What Sets LubriSynHA Apart

#1 Essential Ingredient

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is the only substance that works to replenish synovial fluid that cushions your horse’s joints. By top-dressing on food daily, you ensure a constant supply of quality HA into the joint.

Liquid is Key

HA is meant to be hydrated so, unlike pills and powders which are mostly passed before they are utilized by the body, LubriSynHA is readily absorbed. The liquid formula is quickly metabolized and results are seen in 7-10 days!

Premium, High-Quality HA

To ensure absorption and efficiency, you need the highest quality HA. This proprietary formulation is the highest-molecular weight HA on the market today and is bio-identical to what the body produces naturally.


LubriSynHA comes in a variety of sizes that are easily administered to any breeds or size of horse. Whatever size you choose, LubriSynHA costs as little as $1 per day for most horses.