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Exclusive concierge service for equestrians

It's so satisfying. And so simple.

As unique as a hoofprint.

We promise personalized care and attention from our first consultation through delivery of your Hoofprint gift. Your Hoofprint may include a variety of premium brands including Cavalleria Toscana, Dada Sport, HABiT, Horse|Man, Tailored Sportsman, and so many more.

1. Sign up

Provide us with some basic information and choose one of our three subscription levels (one-time Hoofprint boxes are also available).

2. Meet your concierge

An experienced crew member will contact you for a one-on-one consultation. After learning your needs and preferences, we curate gifts for your Hoofprint occasion.

3. Your Hoofprint arrives

Your distinctive Hoofprint package and its high-quality, carefully chosen gift items arrive at their destination - to great excitement and delight!

Ready? Get started now

Choose from one of our plans below. A quarterly annual subscription will ensure you are always sporting the latest styles. One payment covers your subscription for the year, and shipping is included.

Not ready for a subscription? Individual Hoofprint boxes also available.