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Just George Goes to Summer Camp Coloring Book

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Just George Goes to Summer Camp Coloring Book

Just George Goes to Summer Camp Coloring Book

Lake View Terrace

Pickup currently unavailable

11355 Foothill Blvd
Lake View Terrace CA 91342
United States


Hi! My name is Just George. I am a horse, and here is my story. 

I was born in sunny Southern California on June 4th, 1999. I was rather big for a baby and had short light brown hair with a big white star between my eyes and long skinny legs. I was born in a big green field with tall green grass in the middle of the morning on a bright sunny day. I did not have a name for a couple of weeks. 

When it came time for my Mom to give me a name, she came up with the name “George”. I liked that name and thought that was a good choice. When the people were writing up my birth certificate, they asked my mom what my name was. My Mom replied, “George.” I guess they were expecting a longer name and so asked my mom again, just “George”? My mom said yes, just “George”. You can imagine my mom’s surprise when she saw the paper with my name as “Just George”! And the rest shall we say, is history. 

I now live in Burbank with my mom, Gina, and my younger brother, Vincent. I grew and grew and now am quite large. My hair is red, and I have a lot of freckles. Vincent looks a lot like me. He has red hair too! I love to sleep in the sun but have to wear a hat so that I don’t get sunburn. I am very friendly and love little children. I have a lot of friends who are children and I like to sit around and listen to their questions and stories.