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Breyer Carltonlima Emma Fell Pony

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Some ponies have a charmed life, and one such pony is the adorable Fell Pony mare Carltonlima Emma. Bred by Murthwaite Stud of Cumbria, England, Emma hails from this prominent herd of Fell Ponies. Murthwaite is a highly-respected stud farm that allows their herd to live semi-feral on the “fell,” just as their predecessors from the Viking era did.  Fell Ponies (from the ancient Nordic languages meaning “mountain”) are known for their intelligence and stamina, as well as their agility and strength.

Today, Emma has a slightly more luxurious life as she calls the Royal Mews at Windsor Castle home!  At Windsor, Emma was the trusted mount of HM Queen Elizabeth II, who was herself the patron of the Fell Pony Society and a supporter of all things equestrian. Emma continues to be a trusted mount for the Queen’s horse-loving granddaughters.