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Custom boots are the finest luxury for an equestrian.

The history of Vogel is a story about craft mastery, loyalty, and provenance. These values have always been what matter most to the Vogel experience. Egidius Vogel arrived in Manhattan from his native Germany and established himself in 1879 as a master craftsman of shoemaking.

Though much has changed since 1879, Vogel has remained steadfast in the mission to create a bespoke footwear experience for equestrians. The company has flourished for four generations. What draws the most discerning customers to Vogel is a sterling reputation for more than a century, synonymous with elegance, tradition, and handmade mastery.

Valencia Sport Saddlery is proud to be the only retailer in the United States authorized to measure for Vogel custom riding boots. We also carry Vogel's first ever ready-to-wear collection.

Find out why Vogel has been the choice of top equestrians for over a century!

Flawless craftsmanship in every detail

Elegance, precision, and time-honored artisanal craftsmanship go into every Vogel boot. Made to your exact specifications, your boots are a stylish expression of your own creation.