Personal Shopping

services-mainWe know our customers. With our sophisticated point-of-sale software and customer data, we can track your product preferences so next time you don’t need to. Can’t remember what size blanket your horse wears? Glove size? Breech style? Helmet model? No problem, we’ve got it stored for you. And we are always anxious to show you our newest arrivals.

Our focus on you helps us serve you better, making your shopping experience more fun and relaxed. Tell us where you ride; we’ll know exactly the products your trainer prefers. You’re a non-horsey mom with a horse-crazy daughter? Have a seat, we’ll get her ready as you watch.

VSS’s in-depth product knowledge can guide you to the correct brands for the best fit for you or your horse. We listen to our customers and respond with the appropriate products.

Custom Apparel

If you are hard to fit, or just want to stand out in your own unique creation, we are at your service! Make an appointment to be measured and advised by our enthusiastic professionals.

VSS specializes in made-to-measure custom apparel and footwear by Vogel Boots, Equiline, Parlanti, Sergio Grasso, Kroop, Koenig, Grand Prix and others.

Custom Designs

Tack trunks, show drapes and awnings, jumps, engraved nameplates, barn and stall signs by Phoenix West, Braly Woodworking, Oakcroft, Equitex, RG Italy, The Clothes Horse, and Burlingham Sports.

Horse clothing to complement your barn’s theme or your own personal designs by RG Italy, The Clothes Horse, Curvon, and Saratoga Horseworks.

Show luggage to get you from the stable to the show.

Saddle Fitting

While a trial is encouraged when considering any English saddle, certain circumstances deserve the attention of a personal and professional fitting. By appointment, Ecole will come to your stable with saddles and pads to assess the best fit for horse and rider. This service is available whether for a starter saddle or an ultra prestige L’Apogee, Antares, or Luc Childeric.

Our saddle fitting service is an unbeatable way to ensure the best fit for both horse and rider. This VSS service is unique in Southern California.

In addition to lifetime support on your new saddle, VSS offers additional tack and accessory discounts at the time of purchase.

We are pleased to waive our fitting service fee with new saddle purchase. Long distance appointments may require a fuel fee.

Leather Shop

Living in Southern California, the general rules of moisture and mold don’t so much apply. Being in a dry climate, under-nourished leather is the biggest problem we see with saddles, bridles, reins, and straps.

We can get your saddle thoroughly refreshed and restored to healthy condition. Offering a full cleaning, conditioning, and inspection of both English and Western saddles, our service fee will be a small investment to maintain the integrity of your valued piece of equipment.

Need a gullet changed? A name-plate installed?

Just drop off your product. For a small fee, Noel will have it ready for you promptly.