Q. How do I stay up to date on VSS new products, events and news?

A. Please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and watch us on Pinterest where we post daily updates and special offers to our customers. You can also opt-in to our mailing list where you will receive product flashes and sale announcements.


Q. I am new to the area / my child wants to start taking riding lessons… Where should we go?

Q. How do I stay up to date on VSS new products, events and news?

A. VSS has a printed list of local barns and boarding stables organized by geographic location and available programs. We suggest you contact the facility and decide which best suits your needs.


Q. My child is going to horseback riding camp / starting riding lessons… what will she need?

A. For safety, VSS recommends being properly fitted for a certified helmet and riding boots. A borrowed helmet will not necessarily fit correctly or be up to current safety standards. Bike helmets are not approved for horseback riding, choose one that has been tested for accidents on horseback. Optional items to enhance the overall comfort while in the saddle are breeches, chaps and gloves. Check with your riding program for a list of requirements.


Q. I am going to be in a horse show, what will I need?

A. You are entering a horse show which is a showmanship sport, you are being judged. It is always to your advantage for form and function to look the best you can while in the saddle. We celebrate the tradition of this beautiful sport by dressing the part and respecting the animals we are mounted on. At VSS we offer options in varying price ranges and can get you looking your best without spending the most. Check with your trainer on what will be needed for your particular show.


Q. When does my helmet need to be replaced?

A. Most helmet manufacturers recommend replacing your helmet after 5 years. With normal use, the padding and harness can become weakened and compromised. Often the helmets are updated with new features and materials to improve the safety and comfort.

A helmet should always be replaced after an impact. Although it may appear intact, the inner protection could be damaged. All helmet companies offer some type of crash replacement policy. Check with VSS for further instructions.


Q. How often should I clean my tack?

A. Like your eating utensils and socks, they are typically cleaned after each use. We advise keeping the same standards for your horse’s tack and clothing. Dirty tack, saddle pads and blankets can harbor fungus and bacteria which lead to unwanted skin conditions. Bits should be wiped clean after each use, tack can be given a quick once over to remove any sweat or residue. A deep conditioning 1-2 times per month will keep your tack in good shape even through our driest months. Oiling a few times a year is also a good practice to restore nutrients and revive your leather goods.


Q. I am thinking about buying my first saddle, where do I start?

A. Let VSS simplify the saddle search process for you. Come in the store and see our wide selection of new and used saddles in varying price ranges. Sit in as many as you like to get a feel for what is right for you. Once narrowed down to your favorite few, take one or several on a trial ride to check the fit on your horse and comfort for rider.


Q. How do I know what size my horse is for a bridle, a halter or a new blanket?

A. Please tell us a bit about your horse… breed, height, build, and we will give you our best educated guess to guide you into the correct product. And you can always buy risk free at VSS. Take the item to the barn, try it on for size and come back for no hassles exchange if necessary. Much easier than shipping back returns to online sellers. We want you to make a confident decision.


Q. Do you take items on consignment?

A. Yes, we take select saddles that we think will be sellable in the current market. Due to our insurance restrictions, we can not sell additional accessories (saddle pads, leathers, girths, irons). Because of our limited space, we don’t consign apparel or boots at time.